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A True Bond

As the sun was setting, Elsa began to read one of her favourite books. Suddenly, her phone rang, and it was Mary on the phone. The two of them planned together and they went to Selena’s place. Elsa, Mary, and Selena were best friends. That day, Elsa and Mary spent their evening at Selena’s home. They had fun and spoke a lot about various topics. Elsa and Selina were also talking wrong things about another student named Jewel. Mary stayed quiet listening to the conversation.

However, the next day when Mary went to her college, Jewel came up to her to have a talk. Mary then came to know that she was betrayed by her own best friends. Elsa and Selina had lied to Jewel that Mary negatively portrayed Jewel last night. This created a huge breach between the three best friends and between Mary and Jewel.

Such incidents are common in our daily lives. Here, in this story, if Elsa and Selina kept silent, then there would not have been any rifts in their friendships.

Sometimes the best remedy is to remain silent. The tongue is portrayed as a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body and sets the whole course of one’s life on fire. We should be watchful about what we speak and to whom we speak. Sometimes to save ourselves, we may speak lies to our friends. But remember, it may save you, but you will lose a good friend.

So, let us be loyal to one another and thus make a true bond in friendship.


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