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True Love : Does it even exist?

LOVE!! What is the picture that comes to your mind when you hear this four-letter word: the love of a partner, or parent, or close peers? I’m sure creating that mental image wasn’t tough for most of us, since it’s something that is constantly talked about, written about, sung about, painted about and even cinematographed. It seems like the world is obsessed with it, and rightly so because we all, at the core of our being, have a natural longing to love and be loved. And we sometimes paint a picture of love that is so perfect, holding a charm that is never fading.

But just hold on for a second! Is the picture always so rosy? We often hear tragic stories of people exploited under the guise of love. Failed relationships, infidelity, revenge – and what all of this leaves behind in its wake are countless tales of loneliness, depression, and fear; deep wounds that refuse to heal; people who cannot trust and confide in others anymore. Maybe someone reading this is going through such a hard time or has seen a dear one go through it. An investment of trust in a love you built your whole life around and it has left you shattered in the end. You wonder if there is even anything called true love.

Dear friend, the answer is yes! There is indeed a love which is patient and kind. It is not rude, jealous, proud, or selfish; does not betray or brag; does not keep count of wrongs that have been done. A love that is ready to lay down its life for the beloved. This love was shown two thousand years ago, on a cross, by a person called
Jesus. He showed once and for all a love beyond measure: while we were undeserving, He loved us and gave himself for us. The same love patiently accepts, always
trusts, always hopes, and remains ever strong. And the same love can fill the hearts of those who follow him, making them able to love others the same way. This true love never fails! He reaches out to you and me even today. Will you open your heart to him?

“Love me when I least deserve it because that’s when I really need it.” – Swedish proverb


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