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Lessons from the Wild: The Life of Ants

Ants are small bead-like creatures who keep themselves busy moving around all day long. But all this milling about is not aimless. If we observe them closely, we will see that these insignificant-looking creatures move about together for very significant reasons.

The worker ants are constantly at work gathering food, planning for the winter ahead of them. This process begins with the scouts finding a resource. When the resource is found, a call is made for the rest of the workers to gather that resource. Now, the team is significantly huge, and all of them are to work diligently to get the resource home.

With the task set, there is no policing to check if all the team members are at work. No individual decisions are taken, nor does anyone wander away as they desire. A trail is set for everyone to follow such that there is minimal obstruction while travelling to and fro.

When a threat is encountered on their way, there is no retreat to safety, but they stick together to face the danger and move forward. The ones injured on the course are not left behind but are responsibly taken to safety and tended to.

Sufficient rest time is allowed for all as the work progresses, to ensure that they don’t wear out. Every member makes the best contribution as each one uses all their strength to carry weights that are many times heavier than their individual body weight.

The ants are among God’s smallest creations, but they live meaningful lives that contain many lessons for us to learn. God has displayed His wisdom in not just creating marvellous creations, but also in the intricate design of every creation. The life of ants is set as an example for us to learn about the approach we should ideally have toward every work we engage in.

Like the ants, we are bestowed with the strength to work. Be it the least important or the most critical work, we should put our best into it. In doing the best, we display our reverence for God, who has given us the strength to serve others through our work, whether as individuals or as a group. This motive will drive us to make productive use of our time, skills and resources every day.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
-Mother Theresa


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