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Am I in the right relationship?

We live in a very fast-paced world. Being a millennial, sometimes I have felt like we had more time in the 90s when we weren’t exposed to cutting-edge technology or to the numerous fast-food options like we are now. I am not trivializing the utility of these, but the current pace at which the world moves sometimes makes our perspectives completely hazy about the priorities in life. Our life is like a race, and we keep on running harder to go as fast as possible. At times, in order to keep up with the pace of those around us, we forget to put genuine effort and time into our most important commitments.

What is the most precious thing in our life? Is it making money and being successful? While all of that is a part of the game, what I believe and am convinced of is that as human beings, we all should be able to think beyond that. We need to ask ourselves what we really need from our life.

When I stop and ponder more on this basic question, the word ‘relationship’ floats to the top of my list. When I say ‘relationships’, it can be an association with our family or friends or even romantic connections.
As social beings, all of us feel the need to be loved and wanted. And all of us wish for love that is ultimately reliable and will never let us down. That is how we are wired. Healthy relationships give joy to our souls and refresh us. But when we don’t receive the warmth and love that we long for, we get disappointed, naturally. Every relationship we are part of might not satisfy our expectations on how we’d like to be treated. This can be either because of our unrealistic expectations or demands in the relationship or due to the lack of understanding from the person on the other side.

This is where I want to point you to a person called Jesus. According to the Bible, each one of us was created by God to have an intimate relationship with him, which is the reason why all of us long for that aforementioned perfect love; but sin separated humankind from God. That is why Christ came into this world, to restore our broken relationship with God so that we could enjoy and experience genuine love and real care in its most pure form. People hated Him but that did not stop Him from demonstrating His selfless love toward us. He proved that He Himself is the ultimate expression of love by giving up His life. The death of Christ is the epitome of true love.

Have you experienced His true love and the warmth of His care? Would you like to have a relationship that never fades away, no matter what? The relationships in this world can break down and they might be hard to fix once they are broken. But the only relationship that remains rock-solid even through death is the one with Christ Jesus. He holds us in His hands and never fails us. So if you haven’t yet come into a relationship with Christ, I invite you to let Him into your heart right now, and I assure you that your life will never be the same again.


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